“I just tell them what I want, ask their opinions about things I don’t know, and let them handle everything.”


“Instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, I now feel completely confident that our trip will be AMAZING”


Amanda Harris

Favorite Character:  Cinderella

Favorite Disney Destination:  Magic Kingdom

Favorite Vacation Memory:  We celebrated our son’s first birthday at Chef Mickey’s.  Donald came by just after his “smash” cupcake had been delivered.  Our son was so busy smearing icing all over himself and cramming cake in his mouth that he never even noticed Donald trying to say hi.  Donald finally gave up and just hammed it up in the background of all the photos!

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Crystal Lamb

Favorite Character: Lilo

Favorite Disney Destination: Walt Disney World (Caribbean Beach Resort – our home away from home)

Favorite Vacation Memory: I was afraid that taking a special needs child to Walt Disney World would be overwhelming, but Disney proved me wrong!  We took Nic inside the Castle for lunch to meet the Princesses.  They knew just what to do:  Nine princess kisses all over his face!  The last Princess was our waitress who handled a sad situation perfectly:  her kiss was the Tenth Princess kiss!

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Hilary MacIsaac

Favorite Character: Minnie Mouse

Favorite Disney Destination: Disney Cruise Line

Favorite Vacation Memory: It was our last night at the parks and MK was open until 3am. Never once did I think my kids (7,4,and 8 months at the time) would make it that late but they kept asking if we could stay until the park closed so we agreed. After midnight, it was like having the park to ourselves. We ran from ride to ride, saw so many characters, and even saw the parade at 2 AM. Right before we left I took a picture of the kids in front of Cinderella Castle. Right then at 3am I knew this would be a memory that would last a lifetime!

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Jenny Casey

Favorite Character: Ariel

Favorite Disney Destination: Walt Disney World

Favorite Vacation Memory: Running around the Contemporary Resort with my cousins when we were little!

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Melissa McHaney

Favorite Character: Aurora

Favorite Disney Destination: Magic Kingdom (Fantasyland!)

Favorite Vacation Memory: During the Festival of Fantasy parade, one of the Sleeping Beauty fairies got stuck on the trolley tracks, so the parade comes to a standstill. Prince Philip is standing right in front of us! He goes down and one knee and spends about 5 minutes just talking to my daughter, Olivia! When the parade resumed, he bowed to her and kissed her hand.

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Robert Sherer

Favorite Character: Tigger!

Favorite Disney Destination: Walt Disney World® Resort

Favorite Disney Vacation Memory: Standing at the bus stop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, soaking wet, after a tremendous day, filking “Let It Go” with my family into “Where’s The Bus” and cracking up the whole bus line

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Shannon Holden

Favorite Character: Mrs. incredible

Favorite Disney Destination: Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Favorite Vacation Memory: taking my twins for the first time to Disney World, and seeing their eyes light up when they met the Little Einsteins and The Power Rangers!

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Amy Marshall

Favorite Character: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Favorite Disney Destination: The Beach Club Resort (The sand bottom pool is amazing!)

Favorite Vacation Memory: My favorite vacation memory was when I took my four year old daughter to dinner in Cinderella Castle for the first time. She was all dressed up as her favorite princess, who at the time was Cinderella. Seeing her face as we entered the castle and saw Cinderella for the first time was something I will never forget!

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Sarah Fry

Favorite Character: Belle

Favorite Disney Destination: Disneyland® Resort

Favorite Vacation Memory: When I was 16, we went to the Disneyland® Resort as part of our California vacation. We lucked in to being at the park the same day as the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest movie premiere. They shut the park down that afternoon for the red carpet arrivals. I’ll never forget standing in a tree to get a glimpse of the celebrities and having to dash out of the park to make it to our dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen!

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Taylor Goble

Favorite Character: Pluto

Favorite Disney Destination: The Walt Disney World® Resort

Favorite Vacation Memory: The first time I took my oldest daughter to WDW she was 14 months old. She was so mesmerized by everything she looked at she started to say the word “Wow!” for the first time. For the rest of the trip that was all we heard. She would point at everything and say “Wow!” I can’t think of any better word than that to describe all the memories we have made at Disney parks since then!

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Christina Anderson

Favorite Character: Cinderella

Favorite Disney Destination: Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

Favorite Vacation Memory: Watching Celebrate the Magic and Wishes with my daughter for the first time. It was a truly magical moment that brought tears to my eyes!

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Ellen Duncan

Favorite Character: Alice in Wonderland

Favorite Disney Destination: Hollywood Studios. I can’t wait for the new Star Wars and Toy Story Lands to open!

Favorite Vacation Memory: The first time we took my son to the parks, he was 2 1/2 years old. On our first day, Magic Kingdom had Extra Magic Hours at night and we had to pry Porter away from the park. He was so excited and pumped up that he was still bouncing off the walls when we got back to the hotel at 1:45am!  That’s when I knew I had a fellow Disney fanatic on my hands!

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Patrice Thomas

Favorite Character: Tinkerbell (she’s feisty and tenacious like me)

Favorite Disney Destination: Singing mass in the Vatican

Favorite Vacation Memory: Watching my daughter’s eyes light up in wonder her first time on It’s a small world.

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Marissa Braden

Favorite Character: Cheshire Cat

Favorite Disney Destination: Magic Kingdom® at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Favorite Vacation Memory: For my daughter’s first trip to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, she chose to dress like Cinderella.   We met Fairy Godmother, the wicked stepmother and the stepsisters. It was amazing seeing them interact with her as they would have their sister. Cinderella even picked Kylar out of the crowd and spoke to her and told her how beautiful her dress was! .

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Kassidy Thomas

Favorite Character: Tigger…But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the ONLY one!

Favorite Disney Destination: Walt Disney World

Favorite Vacation Memory: I’ll never forget the enchantment in my children’s eyes as they were magically transformed into Jedi and Princesses. They were fascinated with the entire experience as only Disney dreams up.

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Chrissy Bryant

Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse

Favorite Disney Destination: Disneyland® Resort

Favorite Vacation Memory: I grew up in California just a few miles away from Disneyland® Park. My boys were 18 months and 4 years old in 2011 when they made their first visit to Walt’s original park. My 4 year old’s eyes lit up when he saw Toontown for the first time and he exclaimed, “Mom, YOU can’t believe my eyes!” My 18 month old fell in love with Minnie Mouse on the front porch of her house and is still her #1 fan.

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Heather Alexander

Favorite Character: Minnie Mouse

Favorite Disney Destination: Epcot®

Favorite Vacation Memory: When I saw the night- time projection show at Magic Kingdom® for the first time a few years ago. Everything at Disney is special to me, but seeing the magic that takes place on the castle every time I visit the Walt Disney World® Resort is just extra special. I love how both the old and new movies are combined together and then projected onto Cinderella’s iconic castle. To me, this is the true meaning of Disney magic!

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Brittany Munn

Favorite Character: Tinker Bell

Favorite Disney Destination: Magic Kingdom

Favorite Vacation Memory: Riding Space Mountain® for the first time. I can remember being scared to death waiting in the long line but once we got going on the roller coaster I wanted to do it again and again. It’s still a favorite of mine!

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Heather Howell

Favorite Character: Tiana

Favorite Disney Destination: Walt Disney World® Resort!

Favorite Vacation Memory: Seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time!  It was a moment that I will never forget.  My future husband took me to Orlando as our first real vacation, and I was basically pressed against the monorail glass with anticipation.

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Kim Smith

Favorite Character: Mary Poppins

Favorite Disney Destination: Magic Kingdom® Park

Favorite Vacation Memory: When our twin boys were three years old, we took them to Disneyland® Park to celebrate our 10th anniversary. At the time, they were obsessed with Peter Pan. We were on our way to a lunch reservation and as we turned a corner, there stood Peter!

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Lisa Crawford

Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse

Favorite Disney Destination: Magic Kingdom® Park

Favorite Vacation Memory: When my babies saw Mickey for the first time up close–the smiles on their faces made the 17 hour drive worth it!

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Katie Stoolman

Favorite Character: Belle

Favorite Disney Destination: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Favorite Vacation Memory: Celebrating my son’s third birthday at the Walt Disney World® Resort and seeing him experience all things Disney for the first time.

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